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sexta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2010


Look to the mirror and see
that everithing is changing.
Don´t let your heart run away
because I feel that´s nothing is Ok.

Don´t let yor smile run away.
Is the best thing you have in you face.
By my side is the place where you should stay.
Please... please, don´t run away...

Why you have so fear?
I´m here but you keep run away!
I can´t saty in this place... 
Where you don´t wanna to be.

Don´t let my heart in pieces
because I´m so sad and mad...
Look to my heart and see 
that everithing is changing in me.

I promissed that I would fix everithing
but I can´t do it alone...
Open your eyes and check
that my eyes are screaming for your back.

By Hayley

Este texto foi adaptado de uma letra de uma música escrita por mim para uma banda. Agradecia que não houvesse cópia disto. Obrigada! :).

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